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If you’re shopping for Insurance or Retirement Income get some basic information before you buy.

As a public service Roy Tucker, President of T&T Agency, Inc. will give you an easy to read FREE Buyer Information Booklets, to help guide you in your insurance or retirement endeavors.  Roy always gives his new clients & possible future clients the FREE booklets. The easy to read booklets covers many subjects you should understand before you shop or buy an Insurance or Retirement Plans.

Different booklets cover different subjects. Request the booklet(s) you need:


Six Best and Worst IRA/401k Rollover Decisions.
How to Pass on your IRA/401k Tax Free to your Spouse, Children, and Grandchildren.
Six Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes and Preserve Their Assets.


What kind of Life Insurance do you need & what the difference?  Whole Life, Term Life, etc...
If you have Life insurance, you no longer need EXCHANGE it for and Income Annuity and gain some Tax Credits.


Health Insurance -Dental/Vision –Supplement
Long Term Care Insurance
Medicare Supplement Insurance


Roy Tucker is the President of T&T Agency, Inc.; he is also a Retirement Adviser and has been a Licensed Independent Insurance Agent/Broker since 1970. He writes Insurance and Annuities for Several Financial Secure and Highly Rated Companies.  Over the past 40+ years, Mr. Tucker has acquired vast Insurance and Retirement knowledge and has helped thousands of families and retirees safely plan and reach their Insurance and Retirement Goals. 

Roy Tucker travels weekly throughout NC, SC, Ga. & Va. holding Insurance and Retirement Workshops. The Workshops cover many retirement and insurance matters and especially addresses pitfalls per- retirees and retirees should avoid.  He usually spends one week per month in each of the above four States.

Upon your request; when Mr. Tucker is in your area he would be happy to meet with you privately to discuss your Retirement and Insurance concerns.  Be assured, Mr. Tucker will keep your personal information confidential.

Roy Tucker accepts telephone calls and would be happy to answer your Insurance and Retirement questions; he also gives Insurance Quotes over the telephone to his clients and possible future clients.

All information, quotes, workshops, private meetings and booklets are FREE.                 

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